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Installing Parallel Tools in Centos after upgrading to Parallels Desktop 4

After upgrading to Parallels Desktop 4 my CentOS 5 VM couldn't correctly launch its X server anymore. Installing Parallels Tools should fix that and will also enable the Dynamic Resolution switching. This enables you to just drag the righthand corner of your VM in windowed mode and X will automatically switch to the appropriate resolution.

The installer tries to download and install make, gcc and kernel-devel, and failed miserably and even when I installed the packages manually it wouldn't continue. It seems it checks the version number of the kernel you're running. Just yum update to kernel-2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 and run the installer again.

Here's how (from Parallel Desktop User Guide)

To unmount the image, enter:

umount /dev/hdb

Create a folder named Parallels Tools in the /media/ folder (this folder will serve as a mount point).

mkdir /media/Parallels\ Tools

To mount the image, enter:

mount -o exec /dev/hdb /media/Parallels\ Tools

Change the directory to the CD/DVD-ROM directory using

cd /media/Parallels\ Tools/

In the CD/DVD-ROM directory, enter the following to launch Parallels Tools installation:


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