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Iomega UltraMax 640Gb benchmarks

To accompany a pristine Mac Pro tower I purchased the Iomega UltraMax 640Gb USB/FW400/FW800 external harddrive.

This drive features two disks in RAID 0 and should quench the thurst for IO Logic Pro has when recording 10 tracks at once.

It looks nice, but unfortunately it's not really quiet. I can hear it purring over the fans of the Mac Pro, and sometimes it gets stuck in a 'too-hot, fans on, temp okay, fans off, too-hot, fans on' cycle. Luckily this thing is only for recording and transporting Logic sessions between the 'soundlab' and my desk-top.

Check out the TechcastNetwork review with nice pictures or the MacUser review.

Read more for some benchmarks (using QuickBench 2.1) compared to the internal drive and another FW800 enclosure.

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