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Fixing personal websharing after a Mac OS X Leopard upgrade

Here's how to get rid of the 403 Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /~username/ on this server if you've upgraded your Mac OS X 10.4 installation to Leopard:

>$ sudo cp /etc/httpd/users/your_username.conf /etc/apache2/users/

Just restart Web Sharing in your preferences panel and you're back on track. Apple is finally using Apache 2 in Leopard and forgot to copy the userdir configs.


Changed Terminal commands in Mac OS X 10.5

Because Mac OS X 10.5 is UNIX 03 compliant, some Terminal commands such as "ps" have changed from previous Mac OS X versions. See these links for the details about the changes:




Ruby, Rails and Leopard

Upgrading my Tiger into a Leopard didn't break a thing in the Ruby/Rails department. Your macports should be fine.

Leopard comes with its own Ruby 1.8.6 and Rails 1.2.3 you may be wondering where all the Ruby or Rails stuff is located in a fresh Leopard install: