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BIOS escape sequences over Serial Console

Note to self: works on Dell Poweredges using IPMI console redirection. So to attempt a PXE boot use the ESC-@ escape sequence when using the serial console.

Defined As     F1     F2     F3     F4     F5     F6     F7     F8     F9     F10    F11    F12
Keyboard Entry <ESC>1 <ESC>2 <ESC>3 <ESC>4 <ESC>5 <ESC>6 <ESC>7 <ESC>8 <ESC>9 <ESC>0 <ESC>! <ESC>@

From IPMI on Debian


My favourite Dstat

Dag Wieers' Dstat is the ultimate live monitoring tool to catch your servers in the act.

My favourite Dstat command:

dstat -l -c -p -y -m -p -d -n

Which will paint this pretty picture on a wide-enough terminal:

Dstat screenshot

Note the periodical repeating header at the bottom! Dstat is even smart enough to truncate the columns if your terminal can't handle the heat because it's to narrow - marvelous...